FAQs About Our Listing Service

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you still have questions after reading through these, please do not hesitate to Contact Us at any time. We will get back to you promptly with answers.

What is the MLS?

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a cooperative listing service used by licensed real estate agents and brokers. Members of the MLS input detailed information into a database regarding properties listed for sale. All members of the MLS have a right to show or sell a property listed on the MLS and are promised a commission should they present an offer that results in the successful sale. The vast majority of home sales are made through participation in the MLS.

Why would I want my property listed in the MLS?

Your goal should be to have the most potential exposure to your property. That happens through the MLS. Real estate agents consider the MLS as the go-to inventory of homes and use it to locate properties for their clients. They rarely use newspaper ads or other advertising sources to locate available properties, even though they may use them for their own advertising.

Having your property listed in the MLS will provide needed exposure and will increase the chances that a real estate agent will find a buyer for your home. Plus, real estate agents are motivated to sell properties listed in the MLS because the seller has already agreed to pay a commission.

Learn more about why you should list on the MLS.

Is the MLS the best way to sell a home?

Yes, the majority of properties are sold through the MLS due to the large network of Realtors using this board to find homes for their buyers.

How can you provide this service so inexpensively?

With advances in technology, realty agents are able to do in one hour today what would have taken ten times that five years ago. This has led to the ability to create services like ours, “Flat Fee MLS Listing,” that offer the similar services as listing agents at greatly reduced costs. By paying our affordable flat fees instead of a listing agent commission fee, you save thousands of dollars.

Are there any additional fees?

We charge the “flat-fee” to list the property on the MLS. If the property sells, there is a very small compliance fee that we charge the buyer’s agent (not you) at closing, and only if there is a buyer’s agent. This Article explains this in more detail.

Can I list my Rental Property on the MLS?

We do not offer rental listings.

Can I list a Commercial Property on the MLS?

No, we do not handle commercial listings due to the complex nature of this type of listing. You should consider hiring a traditional local broker who specializes in commercial properties.

What’s the difference between the MLS and Realtor.com?

Realtor.com and the MLS are two very separate sites. Realtor.com is operated by MOVE, Inc. Realtor.com downloads property data from the hundreds of local MLS’s and makes that property data available to the public.

Realtor.com is not a “For Sale By Owner” website, so seller’s contact information is not available or permitted to be posted. It is acceptable to list the seller as the property contact on the local MLS because it is only accessible to Realtors.

The MLS advantage is that every single broker and agent participating in the MLS has an incentive to sell your home, effectively putting every agent in the area to work for you! The first place a buyer’s agent looks is always the MLS, so there’s simply no better way to gain instant and widespread exposure for your home.

Is your flat fee listing fee refundable?

Yes, with some parameters. You have 14 days after placing an order to request a refund, if you have not signed and returned your Listing Agreement and your property has not been listed on the MLS. If you meet those qualifications, you will be refunded your listing fee amount. Once the listing process has been completed by the broker, you can request to cancel your listing on the MLS, but the listing fee is non-refundable. View our company refund policies here.

Will my contact information be displayed?

Yes, your contact information will be listed on the MLS. This is that agents can contact you directly for showings. In some cases, your broker may also be able to post your email address. On “public” websites, such as Realtor.com or Zillow.com, only the broker’s contact information is allowed to be displayed. The reason for this is because the MLS has rules about what information is allowed to be syndicated to 3rd party websites. Neither you, nor your broker can do anything about this, and these rules are strictly enforced.

What happens when a buyer calls about my home?

We refer all buyer leads directly to the seller. In some cases, our brokers may receive calls, and if a buyer says they are represented by an agent, they may suggest to have their agent call you and set up the showing. However, if a buyer is not represented and expresses that they wish to be represented by an agent to see your home, the listing broker may have the option to show your home. Although this rarely happens, it is possible that your List With Freedom listing agent may also be able to represent the buyer.

Do I have to pay a commission to a buyer’s agent?

Yes, real estate agents do not work for free. To be listed in the MLS, you must offer a commission to the agent who represents the buyer (AKA “cooperating broker” or “selling agent”). You set the commission fee. It’s entirely up to you how much to pay your buyer’s agent. We recommend 2-3%. The more you offer, the better chance you have to find a buyer. If a real estate agent presents an accepted offer and it goes to closing, you must pay the commission offered on the MLS listing. The commission is paid directly by you to the buyer’s brokerage firm at the close of escrow. If you sell your home to a buyer that is not represented by a broker or agent, then you pay no commission!

If I find a buyer with no agent, do I still pay a commission?

No. You have the ability to sell your home on your own with no buyer’s agent. If you select a buyer without the help of an agent, you will pay no commission at all.

Can I cancel my listing at any time?

You can cancel the listing at any time by submitting a support request through our website (assuming there is not a contract pending on the property involving a buyer who was procured by a cooperating broker). There are no termination fees or other penalties, even if you cancel before the expiration date. However, no refunds will be provided after your property has been listed.

Will my property be listed on the internet?

Yes. In addition to the MLS, your home will also be listed on all the websites that buyers visit when seeking a home.

Specific websites vary depending on syndication feeds from the local MLS. These internet listings will give you national exposure to all home buyers. Since hundreds of people move to other states daily, this exposure can be a vital component in selling your home quickly and for the best price.

Independent websites will obtain your listing directly from the MLS or a 3rd party syndication feed. Keep in mind that they pick up whatever they wish from your MLS listing to publish on their website. Thus, we have no control over these independent websites and we cannot change or edit their content.

Are you a licensed real estate brokerage?

Yes! We are licensed in MOST STATES in the U.S. Please see our Service Areas page for more up-to-date information on areas we cover.

Does ListWithFreedom provide Yard Signs for sale?

Our Pro Yard Sign includes a plastic corrugated panel to which you can add your phone number, and is displayed using a heavy duty plastic for the stake. There is no charge for the sign, only a $49 shipping and handling charge applies. Estimate: 2-3 days to arrive. We will forward shipping information when available. NON-REFUNDABLE – The sign will not be installed on your property by ListWithFreedom.com.

Who do I call with questions after I’m listed?

Please see our Contact Us page. If you need to submit a change request visit our Client Support Center.

How is the commission paid to a buyer’s agent?

Technically, the commission is agreed upon between the listing broker (us) and the seller (you). When you list on the MLS using our service, we are the listing broker. At closing, the closing agent or attorney will collect the commission. The portion of the commission due to the buyer’s agent will be paid directly to the agent.

We collect a very small portion of the buyer’s agent’s commission (0.25%) of the contracted sales price, the rest goes directly to the agent that brings a buyer. This fee is not additional – it is deducted directly from the buyer’s agent’s commission that you determine before listing your property and covers the costs of ensuring compliance with State Laws, MLS rules and regulations. ** If there is no buyer’s agent, then you are not charged ANY commission at all!