How You Save

Flat Rate MLS Listings will literally save you thousands.

Create an MLS Listing by Yourself, with ListWithFreedom as your Fully Licensed Broker, and Avoid Paying Costly Listing Commissions when you sell your home.  

We also offer Products & Services, like ‘For Sale’ Signs & Open House Announcements to help you Sell Your Home.

How You Save

The Traditional Way vs The Better Way

Flat Fee MLS Listing is revolutionizing the way homes are sold. Traditionally, using a Listing Agent for your home’s MLS Listing would cost you up to 3% of the selling price in commission to that agent. On a $300,000 selling price, that’s $9,000……vs $195 for our Platinum Package.

List your home on the MLS yourself by using ListWithFreedom and literally save Thousands of Dollars when you sell your home.

How it traditionally works…

When you sell your home the traditional way, you pay a commission that covers both your agent and the buyer’s agent. It works like this: 

  • You choose an agent to sell your property.  
  • You agree to pay your agent and their firm a commission fee to sell your home and complete the transaction.  
  • Your agent markets your property by using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  
  • You accept an offer, and your agent splits the commission fee with the buyer’s agent. 
MLS listing Traditional Way

How it works with ListWithFreedom… 

When you list your home with ListWithFreedom, you only pay a commission to the buyer’s agent. It works like this: 

  • You choose a Flat Fee MLS listing package, complete simple online forms detailing your property.
  • Upload photos that best represent your home and Electronically Sign the Required paperwork. 
  • We, as the Fully Licensed Broker, list your property on the MLS and sites like Realtor and Zillow.  
  • Agents contact you directly on behalf of their buyers to present offers. 
  • You accept an offer, and you decide how much to pay the buyer’s agent.
  • You Keep the Several Thousand Dollars that traditionally would have gone to the Listing Agent.
MLS Listing Better Way

Buyer also doesn’t have an agent? – pay no commission at all. 

With ListWithFreedom, you have the ability to sell your home on your own with no buyer’s agent. If you select a buyer without the help of an agent, you will pay no commission at all. 

Why is it called a FLAT fee MLS Listing? 

ListWithFreedom offers a flat fee listing service. That means our prices are clear and set. You pay one price for the services you choose.  

In contrast, commission fees are not flat – they are negotiable. They are determined or set independently by individual real estate companies and are not set by any governmental body, real estate board or association. 

ListWithFreedom sellers enjoy a low listing fee, that is significantly less expensive than it would cost to cover the commission for both the listing and buyer’s agents.  


Our easy-to-use online platform makes it simple to list your home on the MLS. Everything is done online – no printed paperwork is necessary.

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